IMoviesClub – an Honest Review of IMoviesClub. Is it a Scam ?

What is IMoviesClub ?

ImoviesClub is a members only movie club IMoviesClub Special Offerthat allows subscribers to download an unlimited number of movies. Once the member downloads the movie, it is his to keep legally forever. Movies can be downloaded onto practically any computer, mp3 device or other electronic device that plays movies. ImoviesClub is a registered movie distributor, so each movie download is a legal transaction.

How do I join IMoviesClub ?

IMoviesClub requires each member to pay a fee to join. The fee for unlimited downloads from I movies Club for a three month period is $29.95 through the Silver membership. A Gold membership cost $34.95 and gives access for six months. The Platinum membership is the best value at $44.95 and allows members a full five years of movie downloads from ImoviesClub. Registration for the I Movies Club is easy and takes only about a minute. Members can start to download movies almost immediately after joining. There is no monthly fee and no per movie fee to members. In addition, there are not movies to put back in the mail or return to a vending machine or video store. The materials downloaded from IMoviesClub belong to the member just as if he had purchased them on DVD. When joining IMoviesClub for the desired IMoviesClub Unlimited Dvd Movieslength of time consumers are assured that the company does not automatically rebill at the end of their membership period. If the consumer wants to continue his or her membership with IMoviesClub, then it is necessary to purchase a new membership. The five year Platinum club offered by I Movies Club allows members access to unlimited downloads for 75 cents per month. Most families would spend more than the five year price on one trip to the movie theater. Buying three DVDs in the five year period would cost more than the price of membership. It is likely that one’s monthly cable bill is more than the price of the Platinum membership for I movies Club. Obviously, the IMoviesClub offers a great value for one’s dollar.

What can I get after joining IMoviesClub ?

Each movie download is about two GB through ImoviesClub. The time to download a movie will depend on the speed of the computer internet connection. The movies may be stored on a hard drive or burned to DVD. DVDs can be copied as there is no encryption to prevent the copying of the materials. Once burned the DVD can be played in any normal DVD player and on most computers. If the ImoviesClub movie owner wants, these movies can also be stored on an external hard drive. Many movies will be available on IMoviesClub as quickly as they are available on DVD. This means that members of I movie Club will have access to many new movies as well as a library of older favorites. In addition, members can download many ebooks and audio books from the IMoviesClub site. There are many different genre IMoviesClub Special Offerfrom which the member of IMoviesClub can choose from. These include New arrivals, New DVD releases, Mini Series, Classics, Documentary, Thrillers, Fantasy Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure, Comedies, Children and Family, Horror, Cartoons and of course Romance. Members will find practically anything that could be downloaded at much more expensive movie clubs including Disney Movie Club, Blu Ray Movie Club, but at the one low IMoviesClub price. Regardless of where one lives in the world, IMoviesClub offers the ability to download movies. This makes it a great value for families serving in the Armed Forces around the world. It gives these families the ability to download the same movies their families are watching back home. In fact, an IMoviesClub membership would make a great family Christmas gift for those living far from home. College students can also benefit from a membership to the IMoviesClub. In addition to the opportunity to relax with friends while watching movies, the student can download required reading to an e-reader from the 45,000 titles available at no extra charge to members of IMoviesClub.

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Many families can benefit greatly from the services offered by IMoviesClub. There are plenty of family friendly movies for the entire family to watch on family night. Teens can choose from action adventure films or comedy, while there is always a great romantic movie that mom and daughter are sure to enjoy. Membership gives the group an opportunity to catch up on a popular miniseries that was missed or to watch a favorite classic movie from the past. In addition, with a Platinum membership, there will be many new movies that are produced in the next five years that members will be able to download and keep. All of these are available with a membership to IMoviesClub. When looking for a great way to provide movies for the family, consider the services offered by IMoviesClub. Membership allows consumers to download and keep an unlimited number of movies forever. The only limit to the number of movies one can download are set by the level of membership the IMoviesClub chooses, three months, six months or five years. In summary, being a member IMoviesClub IMoviesClub Unlimited Dvd Moviesgivesyou the following privileges. Unlimited Downloads Full DVD Movies No Monthly Bills No Per Title Fees to Pay A Great Way to Spend the weekend with your Family and Friends watching IMoviesClub.

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5 Responses to IMoviesClub – an Honest Review of IMoviesClub. Is it a Scam ?

  1. I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually fun to read. With all the garbage floating around on the internet, it is rare to read a site like yours instead.

  2. I enjoy checking in daily to see your musings. I have your page bookmarked on my favorite read list!

  3. Greatest blog I have ever seen !

  4. Jasmine says:

    For a person always on the go with a computer in hand….this seems like a great movie club for me! Thanks for the review.

  5. Jasmine says:

    For someone that is always on the go…this movie club seems right on target :) Thanks for the review.

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